The response message:

IP Address or Port number is wrong - first check if your key cutter application is running, then check if the API URL has been entered correctly in your Key cutter integration. Read more here:

Why this happens:

Consider that the API URL and port number represent the destination where the Mews Open API application sends the key creation command to your door lock software.

When this error appears in your device commands queue, it could be that the IP address or the port number was not correct, where there are two common scenarios:

Scenario 1:

  • Mews Open API tried to send out the key creation message, but there was no response

Scenario 2:

  • Mews Open API sent out the message and the lock software returned an error to tell Mews that this is not the correct port number to use

For scenario 2, some lock softwares will have a dedicated port for its own communication amongst its various components. Using the same port is being used to send key creation requests will be interfering with your lock software’s own network communication.

For example, Salto has 8100 as the dedicated port for the Salto Space web interface. This means that the port 8100 cannot be used in your key cutter integration settings.

How to resolve:

For scenario 1:

  • If possible, make sure that both Mews Open API and your lock software server application are both installed on the same computer

  • Check that the API URL is filled in according to the relevant help guide instructions based on the type of lock software you have (try to copy + paste to avoid typos)

  • If you have made no recent changes to the IP address and/or port number and the lock software server application is running, restart the server application

  • Try to create a key from Mews, then try to create a key from your lock software; note the results for both

  • If the above still doesn’t work, restart your computer to refresh all settings and try again

For scenario 2:

  • Check if your lock software has a dedicated port number for its own use, or a dedicated port number for its PMS integrations

  • Update the API URL in your Key cutter integration in Mews with the correct port number

  • Update any relevant settings in your lock software so that the software knows to expect key creation messages from Mews on a specific port and can send back response messages to indicate success or failure of key creation


If your lock software and your Mews Open API application are both installed on the same computer (recommended set up), then the IP Address should remain

On the other hand, if the two softwares are installed on separate computer, verify that your IP address of the computer which has your lock software has not changed. This should be the IP Address filled in your Key cutter integration.

Follow the video below for more information:

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