The response message:

Windows Connector does not support this command. Please check in Mews that the JSON entered in the device's settings are correct.

If you're using a key cutter

Why this happens:

Based on the information entered into Data JSON field in your key cutter device configurations (Key cutter settings > key cutters), Mews Connector translates each key creation command into a format that is understood by your lock software.

When the necessary information has not been entered correctly, Mews Connector is not able to process this key creation command from the Mews Server and therefore not able to pass on the command to your lock software.

How to resolve:

Go back to your key cutter set up guide and double check that you have filled in the Data JSON field as per set up instructions. To prevent any typos, we recommend copy pasting the exact script from the help guide into your key cutter configuration fields.

If you're using InvoiceXpress, a 3rd-party Passport Scanner, or Mews Payment Terminal

Why this happens:

Mews Connector is intended only for key cutters, printers, and Italian Fiscal Printers.

If you are trying to connect any other device in Mews, it should be connected to another integration and NOT Mews Connector. When an unsupported device is selected in your Mews Connector integration, and the device command is sent to your Mews Connector application, the application will throw this error.

How to resolve:

First, check that your device (e.g. InvoiceXpress) is NOT selected in your Mews Connector integration.

  • If you have selected it by accident, de-select the device and click "Save'

Then, restart your Mews Connector application.

Read more about the Mews Connector application here.

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