The response message:

A new session could not be created since the client has supplied bad credentials. Visionline has returned the following message: { }

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Why this happens:

This usually happens when the username and password have not been entered correctly. These login credentials are necessary for Visionline to accept and process a key creation command sent from the Mews Open API.

Visionline can also return this error when there are two users who are logged in at the same time with the same credentials.

Sometimes, it may be related to incorrect mapping of your encoders.

How to resolve:

First check that that username and password entered in your Key cutter integration is indeed valid in your Visionline software.

Then make sure that there is no other user logged into the Visionline software with the same credentials as above.

If after you have tried all of the above, yet same error keeps reappearing in Device Commands Queue on the same day, for different spaces and reservations, then you may be running duplicate Mews Open API applications at your property.

Read more about duplicate Mews Open APIs and how to resolve them.

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