The response message:

Visionline was not able to encode the keys. Visionline has returned the following message: { }

Read more about why this happens here:

Why this happens:

There are various possible explanations for why Visionline was not able to successfully encode a key.

The two most common ones (found in the “developerMessage” section of Visionline’s message)



  • refers to check-out time error, where the value of expiration time cannot be in the past. Read more about check-out time errors

There may be other specific error messages.

How to resolve:

Mews recommends first checking whether the reservation for which you are trying to create a key card has a departure date that is in the past or today.

Then try to create the key again with a new key card.

If the above does not work, Mews recommend contacting Assa Abloy for assistance.

When contacting your vendor’s support, we recommend including the error message you saw. If needed, you can also provide them with Mews Open API logs from that day.

Read more about the Mews Open API application and how to retrieve logs

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