You closed your rates in your Channel manager or directly in the OTA but they keep reopening?

This is because the connection works from Mews towards the Channel manager towards the OTA, and not the other way round. The restrictions are not being sent back to Mews and therefore Mews will always override them whenever a new update is sent to the Channel manager.

The best solution would be to always manage the restrictions directly from Mews so that your online and offline sales are synchronized.

However, if you want to manage your restrictions directly in the Channel Manager, you can disable the updates from Mews so they are not being reopened again.

To do that, navigate to Main Menu > Marketplace > My subscriptions > YourChannelManager: Settings > Enabled operations.

Deselect the option Upload restrictions and Mews will not longer sent restriction updates to your Channel Manager. You can use the Notes field below and leave a note for your colleagues not to enable the restrictions.

If you want to learn more about restrictions, check below.

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