To get your accounting integration set up quickly and easily, go through the following steps.

1. Turn off receivables tracking

Since debtor tracking will mostly likely be done in your accounting software, you should disable tracking invoices in Mews.

  1. Go to Settings > Property > Accounting configuration > Options.

  2. Make sure the Receivable tracking enabled option (highlighted below) is unchecked.

2. Create accounting categories for revenue and payments

Make sure all necessary accounting categories are created, as detailed as needed, and assigned to all services, products, and payments. If you have outlets (restaurants, shops, etc.) that are connected to Mews, they should have their own accounting categories set up.

Learn how to create an accounting category.

3. Assign all accounting categories a Ledger Account Code

This step is crucial for proper communication between Mews and your accounting software and should be done along with your accountant. (This field cannot be filled by Mews employees nor your accounting software.)

The Ledger Account Code can be added during the initial setup of the property and must be done before connecting with the integration.

4. Assign all payment types an accounting category

You've already decided which payment types you want to use and how detailed to have them reported, so ensure that all of them have an accounting category assigned.

  1. Go to Settings > Property > Accounting configuration.

  2. Check that each payment type has an accounting category assigned.

5. Properly configure your accounting editable history window

The accounting editable history window directly affects when a booking entry is sent to accounting software and cannot exceed one day.

Learn more about the editable history window and how it works, then head to Settings > Property > Accounting configuration.

6. Assign all products and services an accounting category

For proper accounting reports with no items appearing in the Unassigned (None) section, each product and service must have an accounting category assigned.

For Stay services:

  1. Go to Settings > Services > Stay > Accounting.

  2. Add the proper Accounting category.

For the other services:

  1. Go to Settings > Services.

  2. Select each service, then assign the appropriate accounting category in their accounting section.

Now, you're ready to connect your accounting software to Mews 😊

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