As you know, billing in Mews works differently than in other PMS systems.

In Mews, the billing is per customer and not per room or reservation. Because of that, you don't need the guest to be checked-in if they want to have lunch in the restaurant and pay at reception. Actually, you don't even need them to have a reservation at all.

You can't find the name of the guest when trying to make a room charge?

There could be several reasons for this.

  • If the guest has a reservation, make sure they are entered as a companion in the reservation. Not sure how? Check below.

  • If you want to charge a customer that has no reservation at all, you can create a Paymaster profile and transfer the charges there. Create a Customer profile in Mews and go to the Internals tab. Select Paymaster account from the Classification dropdown and you are ready to charge.

Read the guide below if you want to create a Paymaster account to issue an invoice.

Now you just need to charge the payments directly in Mews.

  • Make sure there is no Cashlist classification in the customer's profile. Sometimes you don't want certain clients to be able to post charges on their room for different reasons, e.g., no balance on their credit card. In such cases you can select Cashlist as a classification in their profile and they will need to pay on the spot when they are ordering services in your restaurants or bars.

When the POS system searches for the customer (via Mews Open API), Mews always returns with the relevant customer profile, including any classifications (e.g., blacklist, cashlist). It is up to the POS system (integration partner) to decide how to react to that information. Not all POS systems have this functionality so it's better to check with them whether something else needs to be configured so you can use that option.

For example, if the bartender searches for customer John Doe and he has the customer classification Cashlist selected in his Mews profile, the POS system itself will receive this information. The POS system will then either ignore this information (no action: charge will still be possible), or restrict payment options to only settle on the spot (cannot post charges to the room in Mews).

Want to know more about POS integration? Read the guides below.

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