How and when to request the feature?

If you'd like to request a new feature from an integration partner, you need to contact the integration partner directly and ask about their process for submitting a new feature.

Why would you ask the integration partner for a new feature?

  • Mews supports this feature and so does the integration partner. The integration partner doesn't have it built into the connection with Mews.

  • Mews doesn't support this feature. The integration partner does, but the connection does not support this feature.

  • Mews doesn't support this feature, nor does the integration partner.
    The feature can be built on the integration partner's side.

How to contact the integration partner?

You can find a contact email for the integration partner under the integration connection in your Marketplace subscriptions.

Navigate to Main menu > Settings > Marketplace > My subscriptions. Click on the drop-down arrow and find the Support email of the integration partner.

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