You can connect your Mews PMS to any one of our growing number of accounting integrations.

💡 Most accounting integrations are only available for properties with an Enterprise tier subscription to Mews. If you can’t connect to Exact Globe with your Mews profile, contact [email protected].

About Exact Globe

Exact Globe offers cloud-based accounting software with features including project management, accounting, invoicing, time and expense tracking, and document/resource management. There are two versions of Exact Globe available; the Exact Globe API connection, or the Exact Globe Export connection. You can request either of them through the same integration in the Marketplace.

Get connected 🔌

  1. Set up your accounting configuration (you need to do this to ensure that your financial information will be communicated correctly between Mews and Exact Globe).

  2. Connect to the Exact Globe integration—if you’re not sure how to connect to a new integration, follow our guide. If you can’t see the Exact Globe integration in the Marketplace with your Mews profile, contact [email protected].

  3. Once you’ve connected, our integration partner Omniboost will be notified; they’ll reach out to help you get set up! ✨

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