If you are using SiteMinder as your channel manager and you are receiving reservations from Expedia, now there is a way to distinguish which bookings are Expedia Collect and which are Hotel Collect.

With Expedia Collect you will see the bookings that are paid by customers to Expedia. Then Expedia sends the money to the property (via virtual credit card or a bank transfer).

With Hotel Collect you will see bookings that are paid by customers directly to the property.

Expedia has many brands and the reservations may come via any of them. For that you will need to create a company for each of them and link it to a travel agency contract. See below a list with every Expedia brand for which you need to create a company.

For more information on how to create company profiles and travel agency contracts, click on the link below.

Important: The Channel field in all companies must be blank. No IATA is required. No CHM Code is required.

The first column contains the names for Expedia Collect bookings, e.g. Expedia, Hotels.com, etc. Don't forget to set up the Reservation settlement as Travel agency.

The second column contains the names for Hotel Collect bookings, e.g. A-Expedia, A-Hotels.com, etc. For them the Reservation settlement should be Customer.

If you have different commissions for Expedia Collect and Hotel Collect, this will also give you the opportunity to set them up accordingly.

Expedia brands:

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