Some countries require a fiscal integration with Mews to help ensure your property stays fully compliant with the local authorities. For the Portuguese legal environment, the solution is the InvoiceXpress integration provided by our Omniboost partners.

Configuring your Mews profile

Before adding the InvoiceXpress connection from your Mews Marketplace, please make sure you've correctly setup your accounting categories and that the products and services you will be offering are assigned to them.

Setting up the necessary integrations

(!) If you are unable to add the connection from your Mews profile, please contact [email protected].

Follow the instructions in the below help guide to set up the necessary integrations:

Once you've added the connection, our integration partner Omniboost will be notified and will reach out to you with further instructions on how to setup and start using your new integration.

About InvoiceXpress

With InvoiceXpress, you can obtain complete and up-to-date visibility of your invoicing (integration) with your Mews PMS. To learn more about this integration, please click below:

Error message in Device Commands queue

If you see an error that says Windows Mews Open API does not support this command. Please check in Mews that the JSON entered in the device's settings are correct.

It means you have incorrectly selected the InvoiceXpress device in your Mews Open API integration, which does not support InvoiceXpress. See this article on how to fix it.

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