If you have set up a base price in your rates and created price adjustments for the different spaces, but you see that they don't add up or the price for a certain day is not calculated properly -- the most like reason is that there is a price override for this specific date.

Find out if the space has a price override

1. Go to Menu > Settings > Services > Bookable services > Choose respective service (e.g. Stay)

2. Click on your stay service.

3. Click Rates.

4. Find the rate that is incorrectly priced and click it.

5. Go to the Pricing tab.

6. Search for the date that's affected by the inaccurate pricing.

7. Find the affected space category and check the pricing on the affected date.

  • If there is a small dark mark in the top right corner of the pricing cell, there is a price override.

Remove a price override

1. Click on the pricing cell.

2. Click Remove price adjustment.

Tip: If you want to see who made the price override, you can check in the Action Log.

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