The response message:

You can not issue a copy of a subspace if the whole or parent space is occupied in the lock software.

Why this happens:

This can occur in lock softwares that can handle parent and child spaces. For example, Salto.

Let us assume that in Mews, we have a parent space (D1), and 5 child spaces inside (D1-01, D1-02, and so on). In your Salto software, space D1-01 is also set up as child space of D1.

Essentially, when you are trying to create a key for D1-01 (e.g. a bed in the dorm), Mews is sending a key creation command saying “Create a copy key for room/space D1-01.”

However, in your lock software, the system may have previously registered a valid key card for the entire parent space (D1 - which is a dorm). The lock software realises the conflict, and returns the error, which is saying that you cannot create a copy key for D1-01 (child space) because there is already a valid key for D1 (parent space). This is similar to the beds not being bookable when the entire dorm has been booked and vice versa.

How to resolve:

First go into your lock software, and check out the key that is registered for the parent space (e.g. D1), and then try to create a key from again.

If that still does not work (i.e. an error appears), try to:

  • first go into your lock software and create a key for the child space that you were trying to create a key for in Mews (e.g. D1-01)

  • and then create the same key from Mews

New error?

In case you encounter any other errors. Try to search for the sentence in our Key cutter response messages section for articles on what each error means and how to resolve them

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