You can find the ID of an Accounting category, Service, Product, Outlet or any other section of Mews in the URL of the browser.

For this you need to click on the relevant Accounting category/Service/Product/Outlet.

Then check the URL in the browser and use the combination of symbols after the last /.


In this example, the Product ID is a6d9ac2b-d41d-447e-9cf6-ab7900726631.


In this example, the Service ID is 4892e85e-b2e2-43e2-8499-ab84000c305f.

Stay Service

In this example, the Stay Service ID is a3511e8a-7cf7-47e1-9795-ab5d00902319.

Accounting category

In this example, the Accounting category ID is b07feed5-530a-4db6-972e-ab5e00db6e93.


In this example, the Outlet ID is 98e4ae47-fe5c-4a62-a9c6-abc1007aff70.

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