Go-Live Guide

Please inform your stay-over guests upon check in or via an in-room letter that they will receive an email from your new PMS about account creation and that two bills with one final balance from MEWS will be supplied to them upon check-out. It is also highly suggested you inform your regular companies and agents that they will receive two separate bills should their guests stay over Go-Live dates.

Go-Live Day

  • Close your cashier(s) for the first time. Input the starting balance for each currency that you are accepting (if applicable)

  • Input Out of Order and House use rooms onto MEWS, mirroring your old PMS

  • Input Stay-overs: Shorten the reservation to depart today and close their account in the old PMS to a unique payment type (please see separate document on payment transfers). Remainder of the nights for stay-overs should by now be entered MEWS

  • Check room allocations for all the stay-overs to ensure they match your previous system

  • Import your future reservations, arrivals on the go-live day will be included in the import file. (In case a guest arrives to check in before the reservations import has been completed, their reservation will not be in MEWS yet and will have to be manually created and removed from the Import file). As agreed, groups should be imported manually as well.

  • When import of reservations is completed, resolve space categories overbooking immediately

  • Contact your channel manager to switch their connection to MEWS

  • Inform MEWS team to enable your CHM integration

  • Upload 1-year worth of inventory/restrictions to CHM

  • Activate Distributor on your website (if applicable)

  • Manually import prepayments (see separate document on this topic).

  • Stay-over guest balances are the priority to start with. Prepayments on PMs must have customer profiles created and then deposits posted

  • Check room statuses (dirty/clean/inspected)

  • Install your printer(s) and key cutters integration (if not activated before)

  • Check all your printouts: registration cards/invoice preview/ etc.

  • After the first closed bill/invoices are printed, check if the numbering is correct

On Live date, all check ins should be performed in MEWS. Departures are still handled in your old PMS, business as usual. In case of an extension on the day a new booking must be created in MEWS for the remainder of the nights in MEWS. E.g. a guest is due to check out on the 1st and wants to extend on the day for another 1 night – create a 1 night booking in MEWS, check out the guest in old PMS to your decided unique code and post the balance in MEWS, the extra night will be posted in MEWS already, the guest will receive a detailed bill from old PMS including the night of Monday and a final payment due from MEWS with a lump sum Deposit + extra charges from MEWS for the stay from Tuesday onward.

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