Whenever a user adds an integration to their Marketplace, Mews automatically notifies the integration partner via email. The email address to which this is sent, is the inbox you have indicated on the Certification form for receiving the unique Client Token and Access Tokens.

What information is included in the email?

  • Property name

  • Integration name: Can be different to partner/company name (in case your company has built multiple integrations to Mews)

  • Access token: Unique to the property

  • Subscription: The property's Mews subscription ID, which can be used when communicating with any department at Mews

  • Chain: The chain to which this property belongs

  • Requestor name: The name of the user/employee who added the integration to their property

  • Requestor email: email of the user/employee profile

Is it possible to request more information from Mews?

To make the connection experience as close to a smooth plug-and-play concept as possible, Mews recommends making full use of the range of API endpoints offered when building or updating your integration. This could save a lot of onboarding time and effort between you and our mutual customers.

Should there be an endpoint missing that you believe can enhance the integration experience for our mutual customers, please submit or vote for a feature request.

Is it possible receive integration updates another way?

Yes indeed! It is possible to use webhooks to receive notifications about integration activities (e.g., created, enabled, disabled, etc). When using webhooks, you will by default also receive an email notification whenever a property has added your integration. It is possible to disable email notifications if needed.

For complete details about webhook functionality, see webhooks section of Mews Open API documentation.

The email address is out-dated, can I request a change?

Please contact the Marketplace team to help you update this email address. We are currently looking for ways to automate this, so stay tuned!

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