Features supported by all Channel managers using Mews API

  • ARI (availability, rate and inventory) updates from Mews to a Channel manager. This does not work the other way round, thus ARI cannot be updated from a Channel manager to Mews.

  • Reservation delivery from a Channel manager to Mews.

  • It is impossible to synchronize reservations from Mews to a Channel manager. E.g., any change made to a channel manager reservation in Mews won't be synced back to the Channel manager.

Optional features

  • Channel manager can pull and distribute static data to channels. See what property details can be pulled from Mews here.

  • Channel manager can build a functionality that allows Mews to notify them if there was a change in mapping or other configurations that can affect the connection. Read this article to learn more about this feature.

  • Channel manager can update mapping relations in Mews. Check this article to learn more about Set inventory feature.

  • Channel can request Mews to send an ARI update for specified rates and space categories in the defined time interval, see here.

Certified channel managers using Mews API

  • Busy Rooms

  • BookLogic

  • Cubilis

  • GlobRes

  • HotelNetSolutions

  • Hotel-Spider

  • INNsight

  • RateTiger

  • Rentals United

  • RoomCloud

  • SmartHOTEL


  • Vertical Booking

  • Yield Planet

Looking for more features to have with your Channel manager?

The above shows features that are supported via Channel manager API. But it is possible to extend this by using Connector API. This requires a vendor development team to add missing features and certify them with the Mews team. In such cases, you should always reach out to the vendor with [email protected] in copy.

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