Mews operations team does not create or set channel manager integration, mapping, etc. on behalf of clients. However, our Customer Care team works 24/7 and they are always happy to guide clients through, if needed. You can reach them via [email protected]

Issues that cannot be handled by Mews Customer Care team are internally escalated to Channel Manager Expert and/or Technical Partner Success Manager and/or development team.

Adding a channel manager integration

  • A property adds a channel manager integration in Mews.
  • This automatically creates mapping codes for space categories and rates. It also generates a connection token that cannot be edited.
  • A property arranges rates and space categories.
  • Connection token will be communicated to a channel manager support via email.
  • If a channel manager supports getProperties, then connection token can be obtained via an API call. NOTE: It is required that the email is verified to belong to an employee on whose behalf the API call is made. A user with this email must be created in Mews.


  • If a channel manager connection supports getConfiguration, then a channel manager pulls a mapping configuration.
  • If a channel manager does not support getConfiguration, then a property downloads an excel mapping file and sends it over to the channel manager support or does required setup in channel manager extranet on its own.
  • Mews connection token and mapping codes have to be used by the channel manager. If a channel manager cannot use Mews mapping codes, it needs to be communicated in advance.
  • A property schedules testing with a channel manager support and Mews support if needed.
  • All this time integration remains disabled.


1. A testing date needs to be agreed among a client, channel manager support and Mews team.

2. On a testing day, property enables desired inventory operations (Update Availability, Update Rates, Update Restrictions).

3. A property sends a one week push. This push includes updates for all synchronized rates with regards to enabled operations.

Note: Mews can send only availability, only prices or only restrictions.

4. Mews cannot send a manual update for one specific rate. It always sends updates for all synchronized rates.

5. If there is a mapping error, this update will fail and trigger a configuration error email to the property. It will also disable all inventory operations in Mews.

6. The configuration error email will include the exact error code and message we received from a channel manager system.

Note: Mews can catch one configuration error at a time.

7. A property fixes mapping and sends a one week push. Steps 2-6 need to be repeated until no configuration error is found.

8. Once a one week push returns Success, a property sends a one year push.

9. A property verifies that availability, rates and restrictions correctly uploaded in a channel manager extranet.

10. A property enables Receive Reservations operation.

11. A property enables the integration.

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