If you want to find details of payout in the Mews Payments balance report and find those payments in the Payment report then here are the steps that need to be followed.

Mews Payments balance report

Navigate to Main Menu > Finance > Merchant Balance

In Filters input the dates, and choose Type "Payout". After selecting, click on "Ok" and "View report"

You will get all the results with just payouts.

To see the details of the payout, click on Type: "Payout" and it will take you to another page where you will see all the "Charges" and "Merchant commissions".

By expanding "Charge" and "Merchant commission" you would be able to see the Identifiers corresponding to the payment.

To find those payments in the Payment report, you would need to copy the Identifier and remember the date of the charge.

Payment report

Go to Menu > Finance > Payment report

In filters input the date of the charge and then run the report. Under Payments expand Card Payment - Gateway. Then click on Ctrl + F and insert the Identifier number which you have saved in Mews Payments balance report, and you would be able to up the payment.

Proceed with the steps mentioned above for the first and the last payment included in the Payout. Then export the Payment report, and look for the column called: Settlement id, and filter out all payments included in the selected Payout.

Once done, focus on the Settlement column. The total amount of all the Settlements should match the amount you have received to your bank account, as well as the amount stated in the Mews Payments balance report.

For more information about the Mews Payments balance and Payment reports. please follow these links

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