The term "Allotments" is used in hotel industry to designate a certain block of pre-negotiated rooms which have been bought out and held by a third party (e.g. travel organizer, a wholesaler, tour operator or travel agent).

We have teamed up with Omniboost to enable the functionality of creating allotment blocks and reservations to your MEWS property.


  • Add agents for new and existing companies

  • Allocate allotment blocks directly into MEWS

  • Simply add reservations without having to reallocate blocks manually

  • Easy overview per block

More on our website here.

Learn how it works:

Sounds awesome! How do I add this to my tech stack?

Are you currently subscribed to the Professional or Enterprise package with Mews?

If yes, then the Allotments tool is available to connect via the Mews Marketplace. 🎉

Look for the integration in the EVENT MANAGEMENT category and follow instructions below to connect:

Are you currently subscribed to the Basic package and would like to connect?

At the moment, this integration is only available to Professional or Enterprise customers. We recommend contacting Mews Customer Success to further discuss how we can help you take your operations to the next level. 🚀

Who will be able to assist me with set up and integration support?

Once you have added the integration to your Marketplace subscriptions, a notification will automatically be sent to our wonderful partner - Omniboost. They will assist you with the set up and provide customer support in case of any challenges you encounter.

What are the associated costs?

30-day trial period

This integration comes with a 30-day trial period so you can test it out with no risk — simply cancel your subscription within 30 days and you won't be charged.

In case you would like to cancel at the end of your trial period, simply follow the instructions here.

Set up and usage costs

  • 250 EUR one-time set up fee

  • €1.- per space per month (total of €50.- minimum, €250.- maximum)

When you click See more on the integration, you will be able to view the automatically calculated monthly price for your property. Click on the blue downward arrow to expand and see the calculation details.

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