This article is intended only for FIAS key cutters. For all other key cutters, please refer to the specific set up guide in our help center.

Mews generally recommends installing both your FIAS key cutter server application and your Mews Open API application on the same server or computer to prevent any possible communication issues that could arise when these applications are installed on separate machines.

On the rare occasions where Mews Open API cannot be installed on the computer that runs your FIAS key cutter, you can configure the Fias bind settings.

Step 1: choose a computer where you want to install Mews Open API


  • This should be a computer that is never turned off and very rarely restarted.

  • The computer should also be on the same network as the key cutter computer.

(!) If you have already installed a Mews Open API application previously, please uninstall it so that you can install the application on a new computer and use the same Access Token.

(!) If the above applies, and you already have Printers configured in Mews, the new computer you have chosen should also be able to directly print a PDF to all of these printers.

  • Make sure that the Printer Names saved in Mews also match the Printer Names that appear on this computer

Step 2: Install Mews Open API application on the chosen computer

Step 3: Open up the following three windows and keep them open

1. Your FIAS lock software settings page

This is where you configure IP Address of the PMS and the listening port

  • Note down the listening port number (in the case of Hafele Dialock - the Fidelio Port)

  • Enter this number into the Mews Open API application > Fias settings > Fias server port, then click "Save"

  • In the field for the PMS server IP address (for Hafele Dialock - Fidelio Hostname), enter the IP Address you see pre-filled on the Mews Open API application

  • Save all configurations and keep this window open

  • On this same computer, note down this computer's IP Address

2. Your key cutter integration settings page

Here you want to fill in the IP Address of the computer where your FIAS lock software server application is running. The IP Address and Listen port information should have been noted from the previous step.

  • In the API URL, enter http://IP Address where the FIAS lock software is running:Listen port

  • Click "Save"

This indicates to Mews that Mews Open API should send key creation commands to this combination of IP Address and port number.

3. Your Mews Open API application settings

  • Make sure that the port number entered in Fias server port matches that in your FIAS lock software settings and that in your Key cutter integration settings

  • Enter either or the IP address of the computer where Mews Open API is installed in the Fias bind address field.

  • Click "Save"

For most cases (local on premise install) binding Mews Open API to is a simple way to get it working as it can communicate with key cutter software installed on both the same PC and different ones as well.

In more advanced usages, binding to a specific IP address gives you more control to avoid conflicts.

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