When an integration you would love to use does not yet have a direct connection with Mews, you can make use of the Impala integration to bridge that connection.

Impala allows properties to fully manage what type of data other software can access via an easy and secure connection. More on our website here.

From a high-level perspective, the data flows like this:

Mews <--> Impala <--> [integration you'd like to use]

Sounds great! How do I add this to my tech stack?

  • Your property should be currently subscribed to the Professional or Enterprise package with Mews, and

  • You will also need to have a contract directly with Impala

If you fulfill both of the above, simply look for the integration in the INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT category and follow instructions below to add Impala to your Marketplace subscriptions:

Are you currently subscribed to the Basic package and would like to connect?

At the moment, this integration is only available to Professional or Enterprise customers. We recommend contacting Mews Customer Success to further discuss how we can help you take your operations to the next level. 🚀

Who will be able to assist me with set up and integration support?

Once you have added the integration to your Marketplace subscriptions, a notification of your connection request will automatically be sent to Impala.

Impala will then contact you to understand which of the integrations available on Impala you would like to connect and assist you with the rest of the set up.

They will also be able to assist you in case of any challenges you encounter with the connectivity of the third-party integration.

Are there any associated costs?

As the Impala integration in Mews is a Connectable integration, the billing/invoicing should be discussed and settled with Impala directly.

Read more about the difference between Connectable and Purchasable integrations here (find them just under the video).

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