We at Mews love to share a good story, not only about the newest features in Mews, but also about how our integration partners enable Mews properties to optimize operations and revenue with technology.

Main prerequisite: happy pilot

We ask that there be a successful and happy pilot*

*The pilot generally takes place over a period of two weeks after an integration has been Certified and listed on the Mews Marketplace

From an operational and/or product perspective, this presents an excellent opportunity for collecting valuable feedback from our mutual client. It helps integration partners complete any of the outstanding parts of the integration as well as perfect their on-boarding process and documentation that they have prepared for our mutual clients.

From a marketing perspective, a successful and happy pilot naturally gives rise to a story that inspires. In the press release, we would love to be able to share with the world things such as:

  • Why the property chose our two systems

  • What problem(s) it solved

  • Some thoughts and quotes from the property

Interested? Let us know!

If you are interested in coordinating a press release with Mews and are:

  • going through the certification process and have a pilot property in mind,

  • currently piloting the integration with a Mews property,

  • or have recently completed a successful pilot

Please inquire with the Technical Partnerships team via [email protected]

(!) As we maintain a unique relationship with each integration partner, there may or may not be additional partnership-related prerequisites. Don't worry, should there be any such requests from our side, we will make sure to discuss them with you!

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