Now that you have completed building your integration with Mews, you are ready for the next step: Certification!

Main goals of certification:

The certification process is intended to be like a test run of a full cycle of your integration to confirm that your solution is able to make proper use of the Connector API.

Some criteria that will be factored into the evaluation include whether you are meeting the minimum functionality requirements outlined in our Use cases (where applicable) and whether the endpoints are used with the appropriate frequency and relevant filters.


If you haven't already, please fill in the Certification form to kick off the certification process. The form asks you for more detailed technical and marketing information about the solution that you have built.

Please make sure to enter your Partner ID (looks like INT12345).

Next steps:

Once we receive confirmation that you've completed the form, you will receive further instructions on how to complete the certification process.

What we'll send you:

An email containing a unique Access Token for the same demo environment to test run your integration and more specific instructions to proceed with the certification.

Action required for partners:

  • Run the integration for 48 hours by pairing the Access Token provided in the email with the Demo Client Token you were already using in Mews Demo

  • The integration should be run as if it is being used at a real property, beginning from set up to the day-to-day activities.

Tasks for Mews Technical Partnerships team:

After at least 48 hours or once sufficient data was generated against the Mews API, the Mews Technical Partnerships Team will review the data and provide accurate feedback.

Some of the things we will be looking out for:

  • Whether the API endpoints used correspond to the logic/workflow you have described in the Certification form

  • If applicable, whether the implementation flow corresponds to the use cases described in the Connector API documentation

  • Whether there were any errors and/or if they were resolved in subsequent API calls

  • Whether the endpoints are called at the frequency appropriate for its use

  • Formatting of the API request

  • Any particular filters used: as these may relate to the entity permissions assigned to you integration client profile on the production environment

After careful review, we will be sure to provide you feedback and questions if any. We will also let you know if we observe no outstanding issues with the API activity.

Note: Make sure you allow sufficient time for running your integration against the Mews Demo Environment. API reviews, feedback, and potential bug fixes to the integration all may take longer that you might expect.

Passing certification:

Once we can confirm that all API activities are fine and no outstanding issues remain, we will:

  • Send you an email to confirm that the certification was successful

  • Create an integration client profile for you in the Mews production environment, at which point you will receive via a separate email a unique Client Token for operating the integration on the Production environment

In case your integration is intended only for one specific property or chain:

  • We will add the integration to said property/chain, at which point the Access Token(s) specific to these properties will be automatically sent to you

If your integration is intended to be listed publicly in Mews Marketplace

  • We will add the integration to the Pilot property mentioned in the Certification form where the integration will undergo a Pilot stage of two weeks

The pilot is an excellent opportunity to gather valuable customer feedback to help you perfect both the technical and operational aspects of the solution provided to our mutual clients.

Once you have successfully run the integration at the pilot property for two weeks, please directly respond to the Certification instructions email for a final review of your integration.

If everything has gone smoothly during the Pilot period, we will then list your solution on the Mews website and in the Mews Marketplace.

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