What are unassigned items?

  • Unassigned items are what was previously known as Unpaid items / Deposits in the old billing mode. They are essentially the left-hand side on the old billing screen.

New version

Old version

Do I have to move items from unassigned to a bill in order to make a payment?

  • No. Payments can be taken if they are unassigned because the bill items are already linked to the customer profiles.

Do I always need to move unassigned items to a bill?

  • No, if you select "unassigned" on a guest profile (either the same or a new guest) when moving a bill, a new bill will be automatically created.

  • If you move an unassigned bill to a company, it will be automatically assigned to a company; a new bill does not have to be created first.

  • Previewing a new bill, or creating an invoice for an unassigned bill will automatically assign the bill to the selected guest profile.

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