How are group bills sorted?

Bills are sorted alphabetically, with open bills at the top, followed by profiled in alphabetical order, and finally balanced/ closed bills at the bottom.

‌How would the paymaster/ booker be visible in the group?

‌If paymasters are part of a group, they will be treated the same as all other bookings in the group and will have the same ordering. i.e. open items at the top, followed by alphabetical order, and finally balanced bills.

Are paymaster profiles prioritized at the top of the list?
‌Yes, if they have open bills.

How would bookers be visible in the group?‌

If bookers do not own a reservation they will not be shown in a group.

Will properties be able to send invoices from the billing screen?‌

No, this is out of scope for the short-term development plan. The group billing module is focused on the billing screen rather than bills and invoices.

NOTE: In order for a paymaster to be viewed as part of the group the paymaster profile must have a reservation.

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