Mews terminology can get tricky sometimes, check out this guide for clarification.

A property can be built in either a gross or a net pricing environment that is defined by a country's legal environment. A Channel manager partner can work with both or either environment.

Net pricing environment price update

  • Net price amounts should be accepted and displayed in a Channel manager's extranet.

Gross pricing environment price update

  • Gross price amounts should be accepted and displayed in a Channel manager's extranet.

Reservations and pricing environment

  • Reservations can be sent in both net and gross prices. Make sure that net and gross values represent exclusive and inclusive tax amounts. They cannot be the same.

  • Reservations can be sent in net to a gross-priced hotel. In this case Mews will calculate and add tax on top of the reservation total amount.

  • Reservations can be sent in gross to a net-priced hotel. In this case Mews will deduct tax from the reservation total amount.

  • Restriction states and its combinations are usually a source of issues. The documentation explains restriction states in detail.

  • A full update could cause issues for a partner, as it could be quite large and require fast processing. The size of the update depends on the property settings (number of space categories, rates, complexity of restrictions, etc.). Each message within an update should be followed by a plain response. If the plain response is not returned within 1-2 minutes, it will time out and will be re-tried until successful.

  • Group reservations, e.g., one family books three rooms. Such a reservation request should be sent in accordance with these two rules:

- The whole group is uniquely identified by channelManagerID in Mews and in the Channel manager extranet.

- Each reservation should have a unique code within the group. The same code for the reservation should be provided in any following modification message.

  • Error codes get often overlooked. By responding with a correct error code, you help us to solve the issue, as some errors trigger notification emails to properties and disable certain updates in Mews, so Mews won’t spam you with those.

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