If you're currently undergoing the onboarding/implementation process with Mews and/or need to do some testing with the Mews Connector app (e.g. with key cutters and the Mews kiosk), you can do so in the Mews Demo environment.

Connect the Are you ready to integrate with Mews? integration

1) Connect the Are you ready to integrate with Mews? integration from Marketplace as you would do in the Live environment.

2) Go to Marketplace > Facility management > Mews Connector integration, then click Explore

3) Click Connect

4) Copy‌ the Client Token from the pop-up window and keep it somewhere. If you did not manage to save it, copy the token below:

  • E0D439EE522F44368DC78E1BFB03710C-D24FB11DBE31D4621C4817E028D9E1D

Install the Mews Connector app

Once you are connected, in the Mews Connector screen, click on the download icon in the top right corner

Then, install the Mews Connector app in the computer that you will use as a server for your external devices (such as the key cutters, printers, terminals... etc).


  • Please note that this computer will need to be up and running at all times. Closing the Mews Connector app or turning off the computer will stop the connection between Mews and your devices.

  • Read more about the Mews Connector application for Windows here.

Configure the Mews Connector app

1) open the Mews Connector app settings

After installation, open up the Mews Connector application > click on the "gear" icon > click "settings". First time you open the app, the settings window will open automatically, but you can also get access to it clicking on the top right corner "gear" icon.

‌2) Copy Access Token

Go to Are you ready to integrate with Mews? > integration settings in Marketplace and look for the Access Token by clicking on the "key" icon.

Click on "key" icon to find the Access Token and copy the token

3) Paste Access Token into the Mews Connector app

Paste it into the Access token field in your Mews Connector application.

By default, the Mews Connector Windows app will be set up for the live environment, so you will need to:

  • go to "Advanced settings" in the Mews Connector app

  • change server URL to https://api.mews-demo.com

  • Then click "save".

4) Now close the Mews Connector app.

Change Testing Token of the Mews Connector app

‌1) find the Connector.settings file

Now, you will need to open the Connector.settings file* stored in the folder where the Windows Mews Connector app has been installed.

*Note: This file only appears when you have put the demo URL in advanced settings and saved the Mews Connector configurations.

The default location is C:\ProgramData\Mews\Mews Connector but you can also right click on the Windows shortcut of the Mews Connector app and click on "Open File Location".

Note that this folder is usually hidden so the quickest way is to copy paste the default file location into the URL-like field.

2) Enter the Client Token saved from above into the Connector.settings file

‌Open the file called Connector.settings with Notepad or any other plain text editor and paste the (Client) token copied and put it between: <TestingClientToken> and </TestingClientToken>. If you see that the line in your file does not look like what is in the screenshot below, replace it with the following (switch in your Access Token)

  • <TestingClientToken>YOUR DEMO CLIENT TOKEN</TestingClientToken>

Save the file (Ctrl + S) and open the Mews Connector app again. It should now be online.

Continue set up with Operator/Key cutter/Printer and test

You can follow other Mews help guides for setting up printers and connect a printer at your property and then test print a registration card from your demo hotel.

Read more 🤓

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