The EET CZ integration is applicable only to properties located in the Czech Republic, and it is used to report cash payments to the Czech Ministry of Finance.

Before setting up the integration, please, make sure you have acquired an EET certificate from the Ministry of Finance. This file is referred to as a certificate file, which you will upload as part of the integration setup.

  1. Go to Main menu > Marketplace.

  2. In the Legal environment section, click See more under EET CZ integration.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. In the Tax identifier field, enter the VAT number of the person responsible for reporting your property's revenue.

  5. In the Site identifier field, enter the unique number assigned to your property by the Finanční správa.

  6. Click Create.

EET certificate file

This file is provided by the Czech Ministry of Finance and should have a .P12 extension.

When all information is successfully entered, you can start issuing bills that include Fiskální identifikační kód (FIK) and Bezpečnostního kódu poplatníka (BKP), which are required by Czech law.

Note: Only bills settled by cash will be marked with the codes and included in the Fiscal Record Report. Bills settled by other methods don't need to be reported.

Note: If any data submission to EET fails, the system will automatically resend it within 48 hours, as is legally required.

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