For Italian properties that need to send a monthly report to the ISTAT (Instituto Nazionale di Statistica), this integration will automatically generate a report that includes all of the required information. If you're in the Valle D'Aosta region of Italy, follow the steps in this guide instead.

Step 1: Set up the integration

Reports are created per property account in Mews Operations. If you're required by local authorities to create reports per address (rather than one report for your entire enterprise), you should: a) create an Italian tourist export integration for each address, and b) select all of the space categories located at that address when you set up the integration.

  1. Go to Main menu > Marketplace.

  2. In the Legal environment section, click See more under Italian tourist export integration.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. Fill in your property's information.
    - Use the Space category field to choose which space categories will be included in the report—this is useful if you're required to create reports per address; simply select all of the space categories located at one address. If you don't specify space categories, the report will include all of your space categories.
    - In the Recipient emails field, enter the email address you want the export to be sent to. This should be someone at your property who will send the export to the ISTAT.
    - If you want the police report to be sent at a specific time each day, enter the amount of time past midnight to send the report in the Daily report execution time field. For example, setting Daily report execution time to 10 minutes will send the report, each day, at 00:10.

  5. Click Create.

  6. Click OK.

Step 2: Verify and send the report

  1. Check your email inbox or Mews Operations notifications (depending on what you entered in the Recipient emails field in Step 1).
    - If you receive the export with no error file, then it contains all the required information, and you can send it to the appropriate ISTAT officials for your region.
    - If you receive a zip file containing the export and an error file called error.txt, continue to the next step.

  2. If you receive the error file, open it to see what information required by the ISTAT is missing from the export and correct it in Mews Operations.
    - If you correct the errors in the export (instead of in Mews Operations), you’ll need to make the same corrections in the future if a guest with an incomplete profile returns to your property.

  3. Export the report again.
    - If you're in Puglia, make sure that In house is selected under the Mode filter when you manually export the report.
    - In all other regions, make sure that Overlapping is selected under the Mode filter.

  4. Send the report to the appropriate ISTAT officials for your region.

Note: When you manually export the report (instead of using the export schedule), you need to make sure the correct Mode is selected in the report filters before you export it. In Puglia select In house, and in all other regions select Overlapping.

Using the integration

To ensure that your report is complete, every guest needs to be attached to their reservation as a companion, with a completed customer profile (even if a guest created the reservation and their name is already attached to it, they still have to be added to the reservation as a companion).

The fields required by the ISTAT for this report are:

  • Title

  • Birth date

  • Nationality

  • AddressCityCountry

All Italian properties also need to generate a monthly report for the Italian police. This report has additional required fields, and you can generate it using the Italian police integration.

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