For Spanish properties that need to send a monthly report to INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística), this integration will automatically generate an XML file that includes all of the necessary information. You can then download the file from Commander and upload it to the INE website.

Step 1: Set up the integration

  1. Go to Main menu > Marketplace.
  2. In the Legal environment section, click See more under INE occupancy export integration.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Complete the following mandatory fields:
    - Name - Enter a title for the export.
    - Tax identifier - Enter your CIF (Certificado de Identificación Fiscal). This is your property's tax ID, which consists of a letter followed by eight digits.
    - Enterprise category - Select your enterprise category (assigned by INE).
    - Registration number - Enter your property's unique INE registration number.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Click OK.

Step 2: Schedule the export

  1. Go to Main menu > Reservations > Occupancy.
  2. Click OK > Create INE occupancy export integration.
  3. In the Report configuration section, select the following options:
    - Mode - Select Occupancy.
    - Interval - Select Last month.
    - Status - Select all.
    - Values - Select Net value.
    - Rate mode - Select Average night rate.
    - Rate - No selection.
    - Company - No selection.
    - Travel agency - No selection.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the Export schedule section, select the following options:
    - Name - Enter a title for the export.
    - Next start - Select the first day of the next month (i.e. November 1st).
    - Frequency - Select Monthly.
    - Export target - If you prefer to receive the report by email, you can create a mail export target. If you do not select on the option for this field, you will receive a notification in Commander when your export has been created.
    - Format - No selection; an XML file will automatically be created for this integration.
    - Options - Select Notify creator about export if you did not select an export target.
  6. Select Enabled.
  7. Click Save.

Your INE report will be generated on the first of every month at the specified time.

If the export FAILED, download the ERRORS.TXT document and fix all the errors before you send the file to INE.

Note: INE requires all customers from or residing in Spain to have a complete Address in their customer profile, including the Province field. The export file will only contain complete customer profiles. Incomplete profiles will be listed in an enclosed .txt file—you'll need to manually add the missing information to customer profiles when you receive the export.

Once you have successfully download the document in MEWS, make sure that you load the .xml in, under XML-Turismo (see below).

Note: INE suggest to use EXPLORER browser to load the xml document. If exist any possible ERROR, through EXPLORER browser you will be able to see the errors listed and report them.

After loading the document, INE will ask you to review or update the information that sits under PRECIO y PERSONAL.

Once you update the Precio & Personal information, you will be able to SAVE the document. If everything works correctly, you will get official Nº de Recibo by the INE.

If an error exists, please send the message error + the INE XML file to MEWS Support in order to investigate.

Note: same file will work for those properties who need to apply for EUSTAT.

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