This article is intended as a guide for all Zurich-based properties that wish to automatically generate their police reports on a daily basis. Reports are created in the format required by Zurich cantonal law and can be automatically sent to the desired email addresses.

Set up the integration

Reports are created per property account in Commander. If you're required by local authorities to create reports per address (rather than one report for your entire enterprise), you should: a) create a Zurich cantonal police integration for each address, and b) select all of the space categories located at that address when you set up the integration.

To set up reports for multiple space categories, you must create a new Zurich cantonal police integration for each category.

  1. To begin the setup process, follow the steps outlined in this guide. Finish steps 2 and 3 before continuing on to the Installation section of the guide.

  2. Create a new integration in Mews.

  3. To retrieve your access token, go to Main menu > Settings > Marketplace, then find Zurich cantonal police integration.

  4. Once you have your access token and client token, complete installation and configuration using the same guide.

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