Introducing a new way to handle group bills. Group billing allows you to:

  • See all the bills from a group in one place.

  • Move multiple bill items at once (you can even move bill items from all the guests on a bill to the booker in one go).

  • Close bills in a flash with more intuitive navigation and faster load times.

Note: For now, you can still reach the old billing screen by clicking Switch to old billing in the top-right of any group billing screen.

Group billing at a glance

To use group billing, open a group reservation and go to the Billing tab.

The group name is across the top of the screen.

💡 Tip: You can change this in the Group tab of the reservation.

Below, you'll see a list of every group members and their bills.

  • Guests with open bills are at the top of the list.

  • Guests with balanced bills are at the bottom of the list.

  • All other guests are ordered alphabetically in between.

Using group billing

Click on a bill to expand it and see the products on it.

💡 Note: Don’t worry if a bill is labeled Unassigned. That just means it hasn’t been previewed or an invoice hasn’t been issued for it yet. You can take payments and close bills as normal with unassigned items—however, for now, they won't be closed by automatic settlements (that'll come with a later update of group billing).

Add a product to the bill

If you need to add something to a customer's bill, simply:

1. Find the customer's name in group billing.

2. Open the bill you want to add to:

  • To add to an existing bill: Click on any of the bills listed under their name to expand it.

  • To add to a new bill (if they don't have any bills): Click + Bill next to their name.

3. Click + Add product, and choose the product and quantity.

Move bill items

With group billing, you can move items from multiple guests in one go.

💡 For example, you could move all the items from every guest in the group to the booker or a paymaster account.

Move bill items to a customer

1. Find the item(s) you want to move.

2. Select the checkbox.

3. When you've selected all the items you want to move, click Move selected items at the bottom of the screen.

4. Choose which customer and bill you want to move it to:

  • Someone in the group: Select an open bill or click Move to new bill.

  • Someone who isn't in the group (for example, a non-staying booker or paymaster account): Search for their name, and then select an open bill or click Move to new bill.

💡 Note: When you make someone the owner of a reservation, bill items are automatically moved to their profile.

Transfer bill items to a company

  1. Open the customer's profile.

  2. Go to the Billing tab.

  3. Expand the bill which contains the items you want to transfer to a company.

  4. Check the checkbox next to the items you want to transfer.

  5. Click Assign company; the number in this button shows how many items you’re transferring.

  6. Search for the company you want to transfer the bill to, and click Move.

Still have some questions? Check out our FAQ on moving bill items!

What else can you do?

  • Take payments (as usual)—now including preauthorizations!

  • Click All guest's bills to see every one of a guest's bills (including their individual future bills, which you can’t see in group billing).

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