You have successfully completed the technical portion of the Certification process! 🎉

There are two steps that follow:

  • Creation of your integration client profile in the Mews Production (live) Environment

  • Completing a successful two-week pilot with a mutual customer

Integration client profile in Mews Production:

The Mews Technical Partnerships team will create a dedicated integration client profile for you in the Mews Production environment.

The unique Client Token will be automatically sent to the email you indicated in the Certification form for receiving Client/Access Tokens. This token will remain unique to you and the same for all connections to all mutual customers that have added your integration to their Marketplace subscriptions in Mews.


Due to the uniqueness of this token, please ensure that you store it securely and never share the token with unauthorized parties. In case you will need to discuss connectivity issues with the Mews Technical Partnerships team, please quote your integration name and avoid sending the full token.

Note: At this stage, your integration is tagged Private and is not yet generally available on the Mews Marketplace

Piloting your integration with a mutual customer

If your integration is intended to be listed publicly in Mews Marketplace, where different Mews customers may connect your integration to Mews, the last step to complete is a two-week pilot at a live Mews property.

Remember that the pilot is an excellent opportunity to gather valuable customer feedback to help you perfect both the technical and operational aspects of the service you provide to our mutual customers.

Scenario 1: You found a pilot property and its name was submitted via the Certification form

If you already have a mutual customer in mind to pilot your integration, you will have entered this information on the Certification form. The Technical Partnerships team will then add the integration to the pilot property for you.

The Access Token (unique to the property) will automatically be sent to you either via email (in the same inbox as your Client Token) and/or webhook.

Scenario 2: You found a pilot property after submitting the Certification form

If the pilot property was only found after you submitted the Certification form, or if the property name was not entered on the form, please provide us with the pilot property name. The Technical Partnerships team will then add the integration to the pilot property for you, so that you may start the pilot phase.

Scenario 3: You do not have a pilot

Please do let the Technical Partnerships team know, and we will endeavor to search internally help you find a pilot property. Keep in mind that this may take some time and we may not always be successful in finding a pilot.

Hint: It is easier for the Technical Partnerships team to talk about your integration if you have provided material such as:

  • Detailed documentation (e.g., integration implementation flow, onboarding manual, supported features, etc)

  • Marketing content (e.g., the beautiful logos and screenshots you have submitted via the Certification form)

  • Some form of a demo or demo video

Two-week pilot phase completed:

Once you have successfully run the integration at the pilot property for two weeks, please contact us via [email protected] for a final review of your integration.

If everything has gone smoothly during the Pilot period, we will then list your integration on the Mews website and in the Mews Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Mews add the integrations whenever a mutual customer wishes to connect?

  • This is only done for Pilot properties when your integration carries the Private tag and is not yet generally available. Once your integration becomes publicly available, properties can and should add the integration themselves.

Read more at:

Is it possible to run more than one Pilot at the same time?

  • In general, the Pilot is run at only one property. In exceptional circumstances where necessary, two or more Pilots may be conducted in parallel. In either case, the integration partner must confirm that they are able to successfully onboard all properties and provide the necessary technical support.

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