The integration partner is expected to onboard our mutual customers and provide technical support with regards to the integration.

Adding a connection

Properties are able to directly connect, disconnect, and self-manage all of their integrations from the Marketplace > My subscriptions tab within their Mews account.

When your integration is publicly listed on Mews Marketplace, the property is expected to add the integration themselves to their Marketplace subscriptions.

You can direct our mutual customers to the following help guide article which explains how to manage integrations:

Once done, you will receive an automatic notification (with this property's newly generated Access Token) either via webhooks, email, or both.

In case the property is expected to enter their Access Token directly in your system, you can also share with them these instructions on how to find their Access Token:

Mapping values

The Mews Open API offers a wide range of operations and endpoints that allows your integration to pull data and automatically map certain values between Mews and the integration. We recommend making full use of these endpoints to automate the onboarding process as much as possible. This will help save time and reduce manual input error for both you and our mutual customer, bringing it closer to a plug-and-play experience!

If needed, you may also share the following help guide with our mutual customer. It contains instructions on finding the various IDs that need to be mapped/checked:

Support and documentation

Mews highly recommends that the integration partner provide a user guide/manual or some sort of a data sheet for our mutual client. You are welcome to take screenshots of the system, especially during the two-week Pilot phase, to add to your documentation.

If you have any published documentation, we would love for you to share the link with us, so that we may cross-link them in our help center articles.

Having documentation allows our mutual customers to find answers to their most frequently asked questions, have the knowledge to perform tasks, and troubleshoot basic issues if needed, all without having to wait for a human response. This helps reduce user frustration, and prevents extra work for your support teams.

In case of more complex integration issues that cannot be resolved by the property with your documentation or debugging checklists, we recommend that the property reaches out to the integration partner first. Mews' API response provides clear error messages so that your team can perform first-level troubleshooting based on these messages.

Should any errors be unclear, we welcome feedback from our integration partners.

To provide a smoother joint Support experience to our mutual customers, please refer to the following:

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