If a Channel manager sends a reservation in a format different from Mews API requirements, the reservation will fail and Mews will return error code: 7. The Mews Technical Partnership Success team checks on failed reservations daily and contacts Channel Manager partners.

NOTE: there is no automation to notify customers, so Mews Support team will contact them, to inform them about a missing reservation.

Possible errors

For more detailed information, please refer to Channel API documentation here.

Reservation code

The following \"error\":{\"code\":7,\"message\":\"Invalid value 'code' of 'reservation'.\ is returned if:

  • Reservation codes are not provided
  • Reservation codes are not unique

Reservation amounts

The following \"error\":{\"code\":7,\"message\":\"Invalid value '-100.0' of 'reservation.amounts'..gross'.\ is returned if:

  • Night amounts are negative
  • Total reservation amount is negative

The following \"error\":{\"code\":7,\"message\":\"Invalid value of 'reservation.amounts'.\ is returned if:

  • Amounts missing
  • Number of amounts per night is greater/less than number of booked nights. If a reservation is booked for two nights, two amounts should be sent (each representing a price per night) and one total amount. For example, if a reservation is booked for one night, but amounts are sent for two nights or vice versa.

Extra amount

The following \"error\":{\"code\":7,\"message\":\"Invalid value '-80.0' of 'extra.amount.gross'.\ is returned if:

  • Extra amounts are negative
  • Extra amount missing

Extra count

The following \"error\":{\"code\":7,\"message\":\"Invalid value of 'extra.count'.\" is returned if:

  • Extra count equals or below 0

Reservation guests

The following \"error\":{\"code\":7,\"message\":\"Invalid 'reservation.guests' - there is more guests than 'reservation.adultCount' and 'reservation.childCount' combined.\ is returned if:

  • When the total number of adultCount and childCount does not equal the number of guest profiles. For example, the number of guest profiles for adultCount: 1 and childCount: 2 should be 3.

Reservation guest: last name

The following \"error\":{\"code\":7,\"message\":\"Invalid value of 'reservation.guest.lastName'.\ is returned if:

  • The last name in guest or/and customer profile is missing. This is required information. In case it is not provided, it should be replaced with UNKNOWN.

Reservation: channel information

Booking channel information is optional, however if sent, it must include both channel code and channel name. If only one value is provided, the reservation will fail.

"channel": {

"code": 1,

"name": "Expedia"


Reservation interval

The following code": 1,\"error\":{\"code\":7,\"message\":\"Invalid interval - 'reservation.from' has to be before 'reservation.to'.\ is returned if:

  • when a reservation start date is earlier than the check-out date

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