Space Status – Dirty (Legionella)

Why is my system changing my Space Status to Dirty (Legionella)?

If the space has been empty for 7 days, Mews will change the status of this room to Dirty (Legionella) after 7th night. This is a default setting, that can not be changed.

You can find these changes when you export the Space Status report:

What is Legionella and why does Mews do this?

Legionella is a bacteria that lives in water and cases a pneumonia-type illness. Several European countries established the European Working Group for Legionella Infections and published guidelines on what actions to be taken to prevent it from spreading. What needs to be done is every 7 days if a room is not occupied, all water sources need to be flushed to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

What happens if the space status has been changed meanwhile to Out of Service (OOS) or Out of Order (OOO)? Will that also trigger this setting?

The space status only changes to dirty (legionella) when there was no booking (Check-in/Check-out) in the last 7 nights.

You can find more information about

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