Following your request to Popina support for integration with Mews, see below the the procedure for activating it.

1. The Mews client should request an Access Token to activate the Popina integration.

2. Once the Access Token has been received (by email from Mews), navigate to the Popina application and access Settings > Payment methods and activate the Mews payment.

3. A pop-up appears asking to enter the Client Token which will be the same for all Popina clients (please, confirm the Client Token with your POS partner) and the Access Token which was received by email. Once the two tokens have been entered, the connection will be validated.

4. Once the connection has been validated, you will be asked to choose the Service. You need to create Services in Mews first. Activating this service will allow Popina tickets to be sent to in house customers (present in the hotel, who haven't yet paid).

5. After recovering the services in Popina, you should select one:

6. Link Popina categories to Mews (pulled from Mews configuration).

This is used to indicate where articles uploaded from Popina should appear in the Mews report.

7. Choose the collection service, also called OUTLET. If activated in MEWS, this will allow the sending of all tickets collected on Popina to Mews, to have a consolidation of the entire figure in Mews.

Note! If NOT activated, there will only be transfers from Popina to the rooms in the Mews software.

8. Mews is now activated.

Once your Popina — MEWS link has been set up, you are ready to use it. Below is the procedure for using MEWS in your Popina caisse.

1. After an order is created in Popina, during collection if the customer is present at the hotel, he can request the transfer to his room.

2. You should therefore use the MEWS payment method.

3. Then choose the room and/or the client.

4. A provisional sales ticket will be printed with the name and room number at the top of the ticket for the customer's signature (for validation).

Note! The printed ticket will only be provisional because it is on the Mews software for the VAT calculation to be done.

Hint! A cancellation from Popina will also trigger a cancellation on the Mews side.

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