First register with Mews Marketplace

  • Make sure to keep your Partner ID (format: INT12345) at hand. You will need this ID for future communications with the Technical Partnerships team.

Read more about the registration process:

Developing & Testing

  • Test and play with the various API endpoints as much as possible in the Mews Open API demo hotels to ensure you have covered all possible use cases and scenarios

  • Some of the terminology used in traditional Property Management Systems have a slightly different name in Mews. When in doubt, check out our Help Center articles for more in-depth explanations.

  • Use the endpoints and operations offered to build a true plug-and-play experience. This will save time when onboarding and servicing mutual customers.

Get a better understanding of Mews terminology and concepts:

Document the API implementation flow and reasoning as you go:

  • All endpoints used and in what order the integration uses them

  • The result you are trying to achieve with each endpoint

  • Expected frequency the integration will call each endpoint used

  • Note down time frames used (e.g. StartUtc, EndUtc), break down requests into smaller chunks (e.g., three months at a time to avoid sending a heavy request, resulting in timeouts)

  • If applicable, note down the Extents and any specific fields used in each endpoint (e.g., Extent, States, TimeFilters, etc.)

  • Various user scenarios and/or descriptions of how the end-user interacts with your integration at various stages of their user journey

  • The initial configurations and any mapping required for your customer in Mews

  • Any functionalities or features that are enabled or restricted by the current offering of the Mews Open API or Mews

Having detailed documentation facilitates any technical discussions you might conduct with the Technical Partnerships team.

Feedback and/or Feature Requests

The R&D team at Mews appreciates every bit of feedback and feature request you may have. We are always evaluating opportunities to improve and/or expand the range of operations supported in the Mews Open API in a meaningful way.

  • Submit or upvote entries in our Feature Request portal. Please make sure to add details about your use case to the relevant entries. More information is generally helpful!

Certifying the integration

  • Check out this overview of the Certification process to prepare.

  • Budget in sufficient time for API reviews, feedback, and potential bug fixes to the integration until it successfully passes Certification.

  • If you have documented the points listed above, please feel free to share the document with the Technical Partnerships team. This will also facilitate the API reviews and eventual creation of your integration.


  • Budget in two weeks to conduct the pilot and some additional time for potential bug fixes and integration improvements.

  • Collect feedback from the mutual customer to help you perfect both the technical and operational aspects of the integration.

  • Gather screenshots and work with the pilot property to craft documentation/help guide (internal and/or external) that makes knowledge sharing sustainable for all future onboardings.

Read more about the Pilot stage:

Onboarding customers

Read more about what to expect when onboarding customers:

Marketing & Partnerships

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