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The process for the Spacetime recertification process is similar to that of a regular certification process and has been simplified to save you additional time and effort. Instead of joining the certification call, we will provide you with the necessary details on the day of the certification so you may proceed at any time.

Note: In any case, please do make sure to book a time slot so that we may send you the details on your selected date.

Steps to run through the certification

Mews will provide you a unique Demo Access Token.

You will then be asked to combine the unique Access Token with the generic Client token listed in our Mews Open API documentation and run the updated version of your integration in the Mews demo environment


  • Please either run the integration for a 24-hour period (if script),

  • Or provide 2-3 instances of each endpoint if they occur only based on usage in the UI on the integration's side.

Review criteria for successful certification

The integration will need to demonstrate successful implementation of the Spacetime-related API changes that we have requested.

The Technical Partnerships team will review the API activity as soon as possible, and either provide any feedback/request for changes, or confirm that everything is in order.

When everything is in order, we will update your integration client profile in our production environment with the new entity permissions related to the spacetime updates.

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