If a pre-authorization is taken on a profile, does Mews consider this as a balanced bill and can the guest check in on the Mews Kiosk?

Yes, only if the amount of the pre-authorization equals the same amount as the guests' total open bill upon check-in.

Will the Mews Kiosk recognize if the authorization is expired the moment the guest checks in, and will it stop the guest from finishing the check-in?

No, Mews Kiosk checks the balance once. Thus, the guest will complete their check-in successfully via Mews Kiosk if pre-authorization covers their total bill.

Mews Kiosk checks the guest's balance after a reservation is found. If the balance matches the total amount of the Pre-Authorization, Mews Kiosk allows them to proceed with the check-in flow (filling in the registration card, selecting a room, and actually checking in).

Note: If, for any reason, the balance of the guest no longer balances during the check-in process, the system will allow the guest to check in via Mews Kiosk but the balance of the guest will result in a negative amount, meaning that there is still an open balance to pay.

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