You have a new employee and you are not sure what privileges to assign to him and where? Kindly see our article about all the privileges that are available within Mews.

If the employee isn't an admin, select the privileges they should have under Workplace privileges.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > and click on the employee's name


Employee can...

Access sensitive reports

View reports that contain sensitive data, such as the Accounting Report, Manager Report, and Merchant Balance Report.

Change spaces to out of order

Change a space's status to Out of Order. To change a space to any other status, the employee needs the Perform housekeeping privilege.

Charge cards online

Charge cards via payment gateway.

Configure products and services

Create and manage products and services, and also make availability adjustments.

Create and manage companies

Create and manage company profiles.

Create and manage customers

Create and manage customer profiles. If an employee doesn't have this privilege, they won't be able to view any customer data.

Note: This privilege is required to view the search bar and the Timeline.

Create and manage employees

Create employee profiles and assign workplace privileges.

Create and manage reservations

Create reservations in Commander and modify reservation details.

Note: To check guests in and out, employees need this privilege and either Manage spaces or Perform housekeeping.

Create and manage travel agency contracts

Create and manage travel agency profiles.

Issue invoices

Close a bill without payment by issuing an invoice.

Manage property settings

Access and change property settings.

Overbook spaces

Create a reservation for a space category that's already fully booked.

Perform housekeeping

Update a space or change its status.

Note: Employees can't create or delete spaces with this privilege. If an employee needs to create or delete spaces, they need the Configure enterprise privilege.

Turn invoicing on or off for profiles

Choose whether customers or companies can be invoiced, from within their profiles.

In the section of Mews University learning paths, select the learning path(s) that most closely correspond with the employee's role at your enterprise.

Kindly see our detailed article on Mews University:

You are not sure how to create a new employee in Mews? No worries here is our guide on how to do it 😀

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