Webcam setup

Mews identity scanner is used to scan a customer's identity documents when you create their profile—it's built into Commander, and works for any travel document with a Machine Readable Zone.

For this, you can use the webcam installed directly on your PC or an external for a better image.

If you see this error :

Please follow these steps:

  1. Next to a search bar you will see a small lock, click on it to change site settings.

2. In settings you need to change the camera to "Allow"

With these easy steps, it will access your camera to scan a customer's identity documents.

Scan a passport

  1. Make sure you use a high-quality scanner: refer to the page for scanner specs: here

  2. The passport is legible and has no reflation

  3. ‌The correct side of the passport is being scanned (the side with a machine-readable code; picture below)

  4. When scanning and names are being combined that is usually because the scanner picks up letters as different characters eg: “C” as a “<” again linked to the scanner quality.

  5. After scanning there is a data overview, ensure that properties check this information as it can still be corrected before saving.

machine-readable code

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