Make your guests feel special and it’ll have a knock-on effect for your bottom line, too. These customer management integrations will help you provide a great guest experience.

This category can only be integrated by users on the Pro plan or the Enterprise plan.

  • Ability to pull guest reservation and profile data via Mews API

  • Customer data can be used for the Revinate Marketing and Reviews products to automate campaigns

  • The 2-way connection between Mews and GuestRevu secures the update of the review data back into the customer internal notes in Mews. It also updates customer notes with survey response NPS

  • Retrieves all checked out guests on a daily basis and sends post-stay surveys using customer email address from Mews

  • Update your Mailchimp mailing list daily with contact information from newly created bookings

  • Pull guest contact data into the Quicktext platform

  • Messaging and responses should be managed directly via the Quicktext platform

  • Automatically use guest reservations data to target guests with questionnaires directly via the ReviewPro platform

  • Automatically update guest and reservation information in the Experience hotel system when a change is made in Mews.

  • Update guest information in Mews when a change is made in the Experience hotel system.

  • Connect & directly assist guests

  • Direct guest interaction from pre-booking to post-stay

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