The reservation was already cancelled in Mews. Please double check this booking manually to ensure that the information in Mews is matching your Channel Manager extranet.

The reservation group XXXXX can't be properly downloaded and processed. Please double check this booking in Channel Manager carefully and make any changes directly in Mews if required.

If you have received the above email and are wondering whether you need to do anything, the answer is no. 😊

The email notifies you that there was a canceled reservation in your Channel Manager and they have sent the cancellation to Mews but the reservation was already canceled in Mews.

We would suggest that next time you wait for the cancellation to be delivered in Mews instead of canceling the reservation manually. Mews is great at automation and you don't need to do this manually anymore. 😁

To learn more about what updates go between Mews and your Channel Manager, see below.

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