Unfortunately, as we tried to update your customer details, we noticed that you do not have a payment card attached to your reservation. Please click on the link below to submit your card details while completing your online check-in process.

The email that asks guests to fill in their credit card information is called Automatic settlement failure email. The email is being sent when the automatic settlement you have configured in your rate groups is triggered and the system cannot find a card to charge.

In order for the settlement to work, there need to be credit card attached to the reservation in Mews. There are 2 ways a card is attached to the reservation:

  • If the reservation is created via Channel Manager or Distributor.
  • If the guest completed the online check-in process.

When creating manually reservations in Mews you can attach the credit card to the guest profile. However, this action doesn't attach it to the reservation itself. There might be multiple cards in the guest profile and for that reason the system doesn't know which one to charge for a specific reservation. For such cases the only option to attach the credit card to the reservation is for the guest to complete the online check-in for which he is prompted in the email.

If you want to disable the option for sending the failure email, we can do it on our side so please contact us at [email protected].

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