When setting up your travel agency contracts, some travel agencies will indicate VAT on top of their commission.

Regardless of whether your system is set on Net or Gross pricing, when you set up your rates, you will need to apply VAT anyway. Therefore you do not need to include the VAT percentage on top of your commission.

To create a rate, click the link below.

So, for example, if your commission from your Travel Agency is 15% and they say there is a VAT of 2%, then you only need to insert the 15% commission.

For more information on setting up Travel Agency contracts, click here:

The commission in the Reservation Report changes based on whether you display as Gross Values or Net Values, but always uses the same % from the TA Contract. In this case, ensure it is only 15%. If you want the commission on Net values, then you will need to display the report using Net Values.

More information on Travel Agency Commission can be found here:

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