This automatic email is triggered when a reservation was made via an OTA or Travel Agency (sent through your Channel Manager) which is not mapped in your Travel Agency Contracts.

You have three options for handling this:

1. Create company and travel agency profiles automatically

In the channel manager integration (Menu > Marketplace > My subscriptions > Channel Manager settings) you have the option Create company and travel agency profiles. When this option is activated, unmapped travel agencies will be created and mapped automatically.

You will receive a notification email for you to review the new information to ensure the Travel Agency Contract aligns with your cooperation agreement with the company. Once the first profile is created, you won't receive more notifications.

If this is not selected, then no action is triggered in the system and you will need to map this information manually. ​

2. Map the travel agency profile

Further information on creating Travel Agency Contracts can be found here:

3. Ignore these notifications if you feel this is not applicable to your setup

Please note that if you choose this option, notifications will still be sent every time a new reservation comes through with a new travel agency.

Note: These notifications cannot be turned off and will also be sent every time a new Travel Agency Contract has been created with the Create Company and Travel Agency Profiles option enabled.

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