If you have scheduled some reports to be sent to you directly but you haven't received them, follow the below steps to check why they were not delivered.

Let's first check if the reports have been sent

  • Navigate to Menu > Queues > Mail queue.

  • Set the time filters as per the usual time when the report is delivered.

  • In the subject column where you see subjects starting with [Mews], it means this is a scheduled report.

  • Check the Gateway state and Status. If both say successful, then the report was sent. If some of them is not successful, check below what it could mean.

The report was sent but you haven't received it

If you see successful state and the report was sent but you haven't received it in your mailbox, check the following:

  • Check your Spam/Junk folder.

  • Check the Firewall settings with your IT.

  • Check if the mews.li domain is whitelisted with your IT.

The report was not sent at all

If you can't find any sent email in your mail queue, check the following:

  • Check the Export schedule of the report - navigate to Menu > Exports > Schedules.

  • Check if the schedule is enabled.

  • Check if the frequency and time of the report are correct.

  • Check if there is an export target selected.

  • Check if the email address entered as an export target is correct - navigate to Menu > Exports > Targets.

Remember: If the target should include multiple email addresses, each email address should be separated them with commas.

If you still can't find a reason why the report was not sent, contact us at [email protected].

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