If your printer is integrated with Mews, but for some reason not printing, follow the steps below to fix it and get printing again.

Check if Mews Open API is online

To be able to use a printer with Mews, you need to have Mews Open API up and running. Find out how to setup Mews Open API here:

Frist, find Mews Open API on your computer using the search bar.

Next, check in the bottom right corner of Mews Open API to see if it's Online.

If Mews Open API is Offline, restart it by clicking on the settings icon in the top right corner, then clicking Restart.

Now, Mews Open API should be Online with a green indicator.

Check that your printers are properly configured

First, navigate to Menu > Marketplace > My Subscriptions > Printer integration.

Make sure Printer integration is Enabled.

Make sure your printers and their names are configured correctly. To check, find the printers on your computer and compare the names with those in Mews.

Open your computer's printer settings:

In Mews, navigate to Menu > Marketplace > My Subscriptions > Printer integration > Printers.

The field highlighted below must have the exact make and model name of the printer, as found in your computer's settings.

Click below for more information about connecting and configuring a printer.

Check if your configured printers are selected in the Mews (Windows) Open API integration

In Mews, navigate to Menu > Marketplace > My Subscriptions > Mews (Windows) Open API.

Check if the Mews (Windows) Open API integration is Enabled.

Check if the printers are connected to Mews Open API. If not, enable the printers from the drop-down and click Save.

Check if the printer is connected to Wi-Fi

Go to the document you want to print from Mews (a bill, for example). Click on the printer icon and select To PDF.

Print the document from the PDF file.

If the document doesn't print, check that your printer is connected to Wi-Fi and that it's correctly set up on your computer. For more help, you may need to contact your IT department.

If the printer still won't print

In Mews, navigate to Menu > Queues > Device Commands. Here you will see the error messages when you try to print.

Get more information about Device Commands here:

If the error message doesn't help

If you still can't fix the printers and you've tried all of the above, contact us at [email protected]. Send us as many details as possible, including screenshots of any error messages you've received.

For more information about printers, check here:

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